Behind the scene

Get to know team MARBL.

Who we are

Hi! We are MARBL. a fun, young and dynamic brand. We're not a standard beauty brand as all our products will add value and save you time (!) in your daily make-up routine. With the development of our products, we're focusing on challenging traditional cosmetic applications through compact, time-saving and multi-functional products. You’ll find you don't need to be a MUA to use our products as they’re created with all levels of experience, skill & ages in mind. Here’s to makeup being fun, not difficult.

Our Story

Our Story starts in 2016. MARBL. was founded to make cosmetics easy and afforable for everyone. Our founder, Julie loved luxury cosmetics but just couldn't afford an eyeliner or lipstick of $50. The drugstore brands she could afford didn't last long and didn't look good on her vanity.

Our Story

Next to missing products with a luxury design for a small price, Julie missed innovative and time saving products. From her make-up routine, doing a wing was always the most time consuming and had her broke out in a old sweat every time she had to create one. Julie had an entrepreneurial mind since a young age so she started to brain storm...

Our Story

The Marble print, combined with Rose Gold was with no doubt our brand's signature. This combination speaks luxury like no other. Because eyeliner was Julie's biggest pain point, she decided that a ground breaking, innovative eyeliner should be the brand's first product. When she finally found a reliable partner, they started working on the prototypes and finally Easy Wing was born.

Our Approach

We get our inspiration from you! Women and men who love make up but are no Make Up Artists. Just like you we love to scroll hours and hours on Instagram and YouTube, but when recreating those fleeky looks, our skills just fall a bit short to get the same results. We are a beauty brand for you and we're here to help you to be the best version of you. Therefor we always ask our followers what product they love the most or what products they desperately need! The MARBL. team takes all comments into account in the weekly brainstorm and that's how we come up with new products that you won't find anywhere else.

Thank you note

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our lovely customers and followers who have supported us. It has been and still is a great journey. Thank you for believing in us and thank you for your amazing feedback. You're the reason why we are able to create these amazing products and we hope you'll keep joining us on this ride!
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